An relatable company.
An relatable company.

Simitless is an online platform that enables coders and non-coders alike to build customized online application software (a.k.a. "apps" or "applications") to centralize information and manage professional data.

Company Story

I have been consulting for freelance professionals and small businesses around me for quite some time. In my time working with both, I’ve seen them share two very important drawbacks. Compared to larger companies, they have very limited resources, and they lack time. The scarcity of both has a strong negative impact on their activity.

More often than not, these motivated workers confide the impression of offering an amateur quality service despite working tirelessly to me. They are constantly chasing after meeting the deadlines, tilting the scale of their family/work balance rather dangerously on the side of the latter.

Putting myself in their position, I started thinking about what I could do to find a way out of such a seemingly dead end situation. And the easiest solution that I could come up with was to set up an information system. What is an information system, you ask? Well, it is a system intended to contain information! Simples!

Stats and Facts

Where is your business located?
Le Mayet de Montagne, Auvergne, France, Europe
How long have you been in business?
Project started may 2014, Business started october 2019
How many employees do you have?
One, the founder. Lower employee count -> less costs -> more affordable prices

Products and Services

Simitless is an Information System building platform. It lets any small business build an information system that fits their need. (It helps tiny businesses and large ones too.) It lets you build business apps mostly and its strength is in centralizing information and collaborating in real-time.

Simitless works online. Start with a model, or from scratch. Use a consultant from our network to get help setting up your system or do it on your own. Simitless is designed for full flexibility, including our pricing. It's free to try and for small applications.

The services is engineered with resiliency in mind. It is a collaboration of 6 different types of servers.

  • A main delivery server that handles connection requests.
  • An asset delivery server to ensure static content does not interfere with the smooth delivery of the main services.
  • A scalable database engine server based on Mongodb to store structured data.
  • A contracted data center for file storage, stored as independant objects (AWS S3 style).
  • A reverse-proxy system for front-end securisation and white-label app serving
  • A backup system with synchronization every 4 hours and off-site incremental replication
  • A contracted secure content delivery network that ensures a smooth experience wherever the users are located in the wordld.
All of the communications between servers are encrypted and identified by IP but also filtered by independant firewalls. All of our main servers (not inculding cached and content delivery network systems) are based in europe. User data and files are stored exclusively on european servers.

You will find more details on features and security in the dedicated public pages about those topics.

The plaftorm has pre-existing models of apps available. It currently has 100+ models available and is growing its offering constantly. Unlike conventional software editors, users are not confined to only using existig apps, they can build their own at any time using the entire power of the Simitless platform. You will find the list of available application models on the platform.

Company Events, Press Releases

January 2022
Launch of the delivery service: development, installation and training for professionals
October 2021
"60 apps, 60 days" challenge launched
Mai 2021
Better performances, second marketing wave with in-depth blog articles
March 2020
Initial marketing efforts started
October 2019
Joined the Coagir Incubator (Couveuse)
March 2019
Revival as a slow-growth rural startup.
No growth, team quits, shutting down the project.
Association with a team for the development of Simitless as a business intelligence software.
May 2014
Starting to work on the information system. Finding the name "Simitless", from Simple and Limitless.
Idea for a modular information system platform.

Team Bios

François Fournier

François is before all a Technologist: A manager of software engineering and information technology. He is a Chartered Manager, certified TOGAF9 enterprise architect, Researcher and Entrepreneur, with previous experience in the energy and aerospace industries. He is a Chartered Manager from the UK Chartered Management Institute (CMgr MCMI) and a TOGAF9 Certified Enterprise Architect since 2012.

He has DUT from Clermont-Ferrand (France), a BSc(hons) and MSc and PhD from the Robert Gordon University (School of computing), Aberdeen (Scotland).

At a personal level, François is passionate about people, arts and technologies. His interests range from good management, sociology and psychology to 3D printing, automotive technology, home automation technology, user experience and autonomous intelligent systems. He maintains a well-equiped home workshop where he attemps to revive old technologies (wooden casks restoration, furniture making) as well as build new things (pallet greenhouse, material salvage, rough chainsaw sculpting). At times he is also a brewer, a painter, a logger, a cook or a musician.

Dr. François A. Fournier DUT BSc(hons) MSc PhD CMgr MCMI CC

Images, Logo, Media, Branding

All the Simitless brands are TradeMarked
Simitless logo without name
Simitless logo without name
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Simitless logo horizontal with name

François, Founder of Simitless, Working on mobile
François, Founder of Simitless, Working on mobile
François, Founder of Simitless, Working on laptop
François, Founder of Simitless, Working on laptop

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Contact Info

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[email protected]

Simitless is made with passion by François in Bourbonnais, Auvergne, France, Europe.