A feature-packed platform.
A feature-packed platform.

Simitless invests in its platform. Here is a list of current features and some features to come. But we are not done, there’s more that we haven’t revealed yet! 

If there is anything you really want or anything you would want much faster than it is listed here, why not letting us know !


  • No-upfront-investment simple & limitless custom data app design
  • Real time collaboration
  • Free tier for designing small systems or simply trying out the functionalities
  • Contextual help articles
  • Contextual contact form
  • Personal app design support sessions available
  • Live chat support
  • REST interface to input data
  • Itemized individual access control
  • Full app encryption client-side and on transit
  • Your data is safe with us, guaranteed 
  • Free plan unlimited in time for both public and private applications (to test the platform)
  • Fast-setup apps with 100s of app templates, ready to use

Data Types & Input

  • Ever-growing availability of field types
    • Text (line, paragraph, web link, email address)
    • Numbers
    • Digital gauge, evaluation (stars, hearts, points, etc.), voting
    • Colors
    • Checkboxes, switches
    • Date and time
    • Pre-defined value selection
    • Labels and tags
    • Files, Images, Audio, Video
    • Geoposition coordinates
    • Text formatting
    • Calculations on fields
    • Tables, Cards, 
    • Calendar, Geographical Map
  • Hierarchical/table structure for your data – simple/multiple links
  • Automatic input form generation for every data type
  • Reactive mobile and web-compatible forms 
  • Common data files import/export (CSV)


  • Itemized individual workspace right management
  • White-labelled workspace (customize your workspace by uploading your own logo)
  • Delegated billing
  • Workspace owner account transfer
  • Shared management roles
  • Secure invitation system
  • Validated subscription simulation and integration
  • Bundled billing for multiple applications
  • Customized billing – pick and choose the options you need to run your app efficiently to avoid spending money for something you do not need


  • Open and Private applications
    • Public Access and SEO for Open Applications
    • In-depth request management and inviting of verified users to private applications
  • Itemized management of access rights to individual app elements
  • Shared management roles
  • Choice of default main screen view of the app
    • Data results
    • Graphs and charts
    • Dashboards,
    • Mobile-oriented view
    • Composite view
  • White Label Apps with own logo, highlight color



  • Chart builder
  • Ever-growing list of chart types
    • Pie chart
    • Donut chart
    • Bar charts
    • Line chart
    • Curve and area charts
  • Static and/or dynamic graphs
  • Dashboards
    • Live Data Dashboards
    • Cached Data Dashboards
  • Data Filtering and Data Mining


  • Application Landing page
  • Product definition and sale cycle management
  • Marketplace
  • Subscription and subscriber management
  • Secure Card Payment setup and handling
  • EU-VAT compliance for all your payments
  • Euro, British Pound and US Dollars payments for data products generated on the platform for Simitless subscribers
  • 100+ additional currencies available for payment in 100+ countries
  • Follow-up of potential clients
  • Multilingual data product description
  • Aligning data product prices across currencies
  • Direct data product subscription when subscribing with a verified Simitless account


  • Data lifecycle management
  • Partial form filling records