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We are all here to help users.
We are all here to help users.

Your opportunity

Simitless uses its technology to enable the possibility for you to create custom software applications for your customers. It creates a new range of products for the proximity technology professionals. You now have access to capabilities that were previously not accessible without lengthy and pricy training.

With Simitless, you have the freedom of setting your own sales conditions. You and your customers are users of the Simitless platform and hence, you have to agree to our Terms and Conditions, but the contractual relationship between you and your customers is up to you.

Your prices

Through our partnership, you retain the freedom to setting your own prices. You either can pay for the Simitless application and charge your customers at the rate you consider fair or you can pass the responsibility of the hosting payment onto your customers and disengage yourself form the application once it's set. We usually suggest the following pricing strategies:

  • A time-based pricing: charge for your time, the time to setup the customers' applications and the time to train them and handle their support calls).
  • A value-based pricing: charge your users a fee based on a portion of the amount your customer saves by using your services and a software application based on Simitless. – This is usually the most profitable but can be harder to set up in industries that are not used to it.
  • A risk-based pricing is when you charge for the "potential risk" the customer could cost your business in support calls. Usually, the customer is paying a flat monthly, 6-monthly or yearly fee to be able to call you anytime they need help. This is up to you to calculate the risk the customer might represent, in potential hours of future work. One main advantage is that you get paid ahead of the work and you might never need to perform the support if the customer never requires it. However, you may be called more times than you anticipated for and not be retributed for it.
  • Often, we observe a combination of all of the above. You could bill based on a "set up" charge (fixed fee) to secure the work intent from the customer. Then you add a cost, based on the time it takes to interview your customers, analyse their needs, perform recommendations and then work on revisions. Finally, you could charge a support retainer for a given number of interventions and time, with an option to charge more if the time and number of support calls exceed the pre-agreed number of support calls possible.

Your risks

The partnership we offer is designed to minimize risks for everybody. There are no upfront costs for you to become a Simitless consultant. You are charged only for the quotas enabled on the applications you create. (Unless you decide to pass on that responsibility to your customers.) In any way and logically, you should charge your customers for everything the platform costs you, and more. (You have taxes and salaries to pay !)

Your main investment with Simitless will be your time. And we tried to make it possible for you to start with as little or as much time investment as you want. This is why we are preparing a large number of ready applications that you can simply setup or set and modify for your customers. In the future, we'll set up a formal training course and certification.

Fidelizing Customers

Simitless has a very modular access right system. You have the power to give as much rights as you want to your customers and you can also retain as much control over the applications as you want. The typical ways we see this used is as such:

  • Set up your customer application, retain administration priviledges (customer can only use the application and make no changes to the settings), charge for maintainance and support. This scheme allows you to remove, to some extent, the link between your time and your income by introducing a component of value-based pricing depending on the value the application you set delivers to your customers. This is the typical case where consultants use the "white label" features. When setting up an application, set up your own name, logo and contact details in the workspace and applications. (However, the domain name and "powered by" mention remain.)
  • Set up your customer application, charge for the time you spent, then give the application away to the customer for them to use and manage fully (with eventually some training). Your customers will need to set up their own hosting payment on Simitless. With that scheme, you should ensure everything is setup correctly for your customers but you don't retain any responsibility once everything has been transfered out and the project has been delivered.

Your privileged access

We would suggest for you to sign the partnership contract for a privileged access to Simitless help. This enables you to benefit from:

  • Quick priority support if you have queries on behalf of your customers that were not covered by the training materials from Simitless. You'll get access to a Simitless engineer for more technical queries and to solve potential bugs.
  • Get privileged information on new app models, new applications, and new features.
  • Get the ability to suggest priority features and discuss their integration into the platform through a privileged communication channel between you and Simitless.
  • Consultants also can collaborate and get support in a private forum (Coming soon)

Advertizing included

With the partnership contract signed, consultants will have a privileged position to be put in contact with potential customers coming through our platform and needing support. We list our consultant on a specific application positioning them on a map that prospective customers can access to pick a consultant close to their location. We always strongly encourage prospective customers that don't think they can set up their app alone to use a partner from our network. We think you are a key partner in helping setting up applications for people that really need it to develop their small businesses. You will be part of a bigger project, by being a valued point of contact for users.

Free training

Getting to know a new system is not always easy. This is why we want to create every opportunity to make it easy for you.

  • To get a feel of the basics about Simitless, you can try it for free
  • We have written a short series of articles to explain the platform. It starts with Identifying your need. The entire series should take between 1 and 2 hours to explore, in 8 easily-digestible short articles.
  • We will offer a free online self-paced training (Coming soon)
  • And finally we will soon setup a training certification to ensure the applications built on Simitless are high-quality (Coming later).

Partnership contract

To become a partner, reach out. We have a contract ready for you to sign to start referencing you and provide you with exclusive insights! Become the Local Simitless go-to professional.